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Fuji S402AT in San Francisco area

From craigslist...

Lambretta LI 190 & Fuji Rabbit 150 Touring Scooter For Sale (San Mateo)

I have a Lambretta LI125 with Deanspeed 190, 12 volt conversion, electronic ignition, Michellin S-1's, RS1 rear shock conversion. Runs great and is complete. Bike is titled and registered. Asking 3500.00 or trade.

I also have a 1964 Fuji Rabbit Touring 150 in great original condition. Runs great and is a funky 3 speed semi-automatic transmission. Scooter is complete. Titled and registered. Asking 3000.00 or trade.

I'm looking for a utility ATV in good running condition for one of the bikes if someone wants to trade. Would also consider 4 cylinder short bed truck.

E-mail for pics if interested.

Reply to: [email protected]

I'll email him for pics.

NOTE: he describes the Rabbit as having a funky 3-speed semi-automatic transmission, which means this is the earlier S402AT, not an S402BT.
There are several mechanical differences between the AT and the BT, the biggest of which are 3-speed vs 4, the "funky semi-automatic" transmission, and reed valve vs rotary valve. The later "B" model has the rotary valve, which (according to Rabbit specs) is good for 1.5 or 2 more horsepower.

In my (limited) experience tracking Rabbits for sale over the past few years, the 402A (aka Junior) and 402BT (aka "Touring") are the more common models in the fact, I didn't even know that the 402AT was a US model until I saw it listed in one of the Cycle World ads that I've scanned and will be putting up shortly.

The 402AT combines the mechanical components of the 402A (Junior) with the "touring mood" components of the 402BT (long bench seat instead of 1 or 2 solo seats, front and rear racks).

I'm not sure what this means as far as location of the speedo...I THINK all 402A models have the speedo on the legshield, and the "dashboard" (around the speedo), handlebar cover, and battery cover (back edge of legshield) are made of plastic. I THINK all 402B models have the speedo up on the handlebars, and the handlebar cover and battery cover are made of metal. As many of us have experienced, these plastic parts have proven to be the Achilles' heel of the Rabbits as they don't seem to be particularly UV resistant and have chipped, cracked, and disappeared under the assault of the sun over 4 decades. So be sure to check the integrity of those components if you're looking at this one.

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