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How to post pics here


Runboard (the company that hosts the Fuji Rabbit message board) doesn't support photo uploads and doesn't have an image gallery feature. They recommend using imageshack (a free service) to host your pictures. It's really easy to do.

Here's how to upload pics:

1)Go to
2)Click "browse" button and choose picture from your hard drive.
3)Enter email address
4)Please choose "resize image" and pick 640 x 480 or smaller if you don't want to break this page.
5)Click "host it!"

For me, the page timed out and I had to hit "refresh" to make it work.
Once the picture is uploaded, the page (at imageshack) is refreshed with the html to drop into this page. The top 3 lines of HTML are all to display the thumbnail-sized image on this page with a clickthrough to imageshack; the trio of links below the ads (scroll down!) will display the full-size image on this page. Chose the code listed for "forum" and paste it in to your post, and the image will appear.

Yes, I know it's not ideal...this is/was intended to be a short-term solution until was up and running again...but at least it is a solution!
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