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no spark....

Hi all, I'm searching for ideas. After getting new rings and installing them on my 402AT the bike ran for about 30 seconds and then no spark. The spark plug is new. The spark plug wire checks out for continuity. The + wire going to the coil carries 12v current. The coil gets warm. I think next step here is to check the points and wires coming out of the stator, but I'm not real smart on the electrical system.

Additionally, I'm blowing fuses and I've traced that to having something to do with the light socket/wiring for what I believe is the charge light. (Its the socket that has the whi/red wire and the red/blk(?) wire coming from the ignition switch.)

Just posting on the off chance that this rings any bells. Thanks and cheers, -borther (aka eric)

'64 S402AT
'63 Allstate
'02 Chetak
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